How to Make Your Own Jewellery

Jewellery Making Tutorials for Making Jewellery at Home

At KerrieBerrie we provide jewellery makers with a haven of inspiring beads and jewellery making components, allowing our customers to make something truly original themselves. We'd like to share our many years of jewellery making experience, by adding a number of free jewellery making step-by-step tutorials to our website. 

We’ve also started a Youtube channel with the aim of sharing our jewellery making tips, tricks and knowledge with as many people as possible – why not subscribe to stay up to date with our jewellery making videos?

We will be adding to these tutorials in due course, so don't forget to save this page and come back soon!

Jewellery Making Tutorials:


How to make a beaded bracelet
How to make an elasticated bracelet
How to make a beaded necklace
How to make beaded earrings


Jewellery Findings:

How to:

  1. Open and close jump rings and chain links 
  2. Attach a clasps using fold-over cord ends
  3. Create a wire ending on leather cord 
  4. Use crimp beads, tubes and covers
  5. Attach a jump ring or clasp to beading wire
  6. Position beads with crimps for a 'floating' bracelet or necklace
  7. Attach a 'clam shell' ending when using Griffin natural silk thread
  8. Position knots in-between beads when using silk thread 
Wire Work:

How to:

  1. Make a simple loop using a headpin (to create a pendant or earring charm)
  2. Make a wrapped loop using a headpin (to create a pendant or earring charm)
  3. Open the loop on an ear wire
  4. Join two wrapped loops together
  5. Make a wrapped briolette
  6. Correct loop orientation on pendant or earring
  7. Make a double ended wrapped eye loop


Working with Memory Wire:

How to:

  1. Cut memory wire
  2. Create a secure ending



How to:

  1. Knot a double overhand knot (to tie off an elasticated bracelet)
  2. Create a square knot
  3. Create a sliding square knot


Making Earrings:

How to:

  1. Create a simple loop (for beaded earrings)
  2. Open a simple loop on an ear wire
  3. Create a wrapped loop


Happy Making, and don't forget to check out our Free Jewellery Making Video Tutorials.


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