Position Beads with Crimps for a 'Floating' Bracelet or Necklace

Making a 'Floating' Bracelet or Necklace by Positioning Beads with Crimps

If you want to position beads at regular intervals along a piece of beading wire or crimpable chain, then it can be helpful to have a ruler at the edge of the beading mat.

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Step 1:

Lay the beading wire or crimpable chain onto a beading mat, alongside the ruler (if using). Thread on beads with crimp beads or tubes in between according to the jewellery design.

Free Jewellery Making Tutorial How to Make a Floating Bead Necklace

Position the beads and slide the crimp beads or tubes into place alongside with chain nose pliers, holding gently so you don't flatten the bead or tube at this stage.  Once in position, flatten the crimp bead or tube with chain nose pliers so that it holds the decorative bead in the correct position.

Happy Beading, and don't forget to check out our other Jewellery Tutorials and Free Jewellery Making Videos.

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