Birthstone & Zodiac

We have designed some beautiful handmade birthstone jewellery collections for every month of the year.

Using carefully selected semi-precious stones and sterling silver or gold filled wire and chains.

All the pieces are handmade at KerrieBerrie and come wrapped in a gift bag.

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January Birthstone Jewellery Garnet Jewellery
February Birthstone Jewellery - Amethyst Jewellery
April Birthstone Jewellery - Diamond
May Birthstone Jewellery
June Birthstone Jewellery - Pearl
July Birthstone Jewellery
Elasticated Freshwater Pearl Bracelet (June Birthstone)
Silver Zodiac Necklace (Choice of Star Signs)
Gold Zodiac Necklace (Choice of Star Signs) from Kerrie Berrie Jewellery
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