How to Make an Elasticated Bracelet Tutorial

Make your own elasticated bracelet using a few simple materials

For one bracelet, you will need the following items:

We also sell a range of bracelet kits which include everything you need to make one bracelet, apart from the beads and the pliers.

Step-by-step instructions for how to make a beaded bracelet:

Step 1:

Prepare the elastic by using a spring coil stopper, or trying a knot at the base of the elastic. To connect a spring coil stopper, simple place your thumb and index finger on the loops either side of the coil, press inwardly and the coils will open. Position the elastic into the centre of the open spring (allow an exposed 5cm tail of elastic). Let go of the coil and the spring will trap the elastic securely, enabling you to thread your beads without the worry of them slipping off the end whilst you work. (See diagram below). Thread your selection of beads and spacers onto the elastic. Before tying the knot, wrap the bracelet around your wrist to ensure you have created the correct size.

How to make an elasticated beaded bracelet jewellery making instructions


Step 2:

To secure the bracelet you will need to use a 'surgeon's knot'. Carefully remove your elastic from the string coil stopped and allow 10cm of exposed elastic either side of your beads. Firstly, tie a simple overhand single knot. Pull tightly so that the beads connect tightly together. Keeping this tension, begin to wrap a second knot using two fingers to keep the loop open. Once you have pulled your elastic through the loop once, continue to wrap a further two times to create the 'surgeon's knot'. Once you have completed these three loops, pull tightly so that the knot forms tightly against the beads. 

How to make an elasticated beaded bracelet jewellery making instructions  

Step 3:

Trim off the surplus elastic using flush cutter pliers (or scissors). At this point you may wish to apply a small dab of jewellery glue to the knot for added security. If one of your beads next to the knot has a large enough hole, slide the glued knot into the bead and allow to dry for 30 minutes. Another optional finish is to cover the knot. To do this, take a 5mm crimp cover and balance it on your upturned left index finger. Place the knot into the crimp cover. 

 How to make an elasticated beaded bracelet jewellery making instructions

Take chain nose pliers and position the tips of the pliers either side of the crimp cover. Apply equal pressure to both sides of the crimp cover so that it gently fold inwards. Stop when you have a small gap running through the centre. Reposition the pliers and apply pressure from the top of the crimp cover. Repeat this technique, applying gentle pressure from the various angles until the crimp cover is closed. (See diagram below).

How to Make an Elasticated Bracelet Tutorial 

Happy Beading, and don't forget to check out our Free Jewellery Making Video Tutorials.

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