Glossary of Jewellery Making

An introduction to Jewellery Making
Jewellery Making Glossary

At KerrieBerrie we understand that all the different jewellery making components can look a little overwhelming at first, so we've compiled a simple reference glossary. (We will be updating this reference page in coming days and weeks.)

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Jewellery Clasps

Any device that allows you to attach one end of a necklace or bracelet to the other end in a temporary way is a clasp. They can be plain or more decorative in their design, adding to the overall appearance of a piece of jewellery.

Crimps & Crimp Covers

Jewellery Making Crimps

Crimps are flattened with chain nose pliers to attach clasps and jump rings onto the end of beading wire (7 strand, 19 strand, 49 strand). Crimps can also be used to position beads along beading wire and crimpable chain. 

Jewellery Making Crimp Covers
Crimp covers are small, hollow round beads that have an opening on one side, allowing you to slide them over a flattened crimp to hide it for a more professional finish.

Earring Findings

Earring Components for Jewellery Making

There are many types of earring findings available, and popular styles include hoops, posts, leverback, kidney, clip-on, and fish hook (also know as French wires). The shape of earring finding you use is very much part of the design.

It's worth considering using a precious metal or hypoallergenic metal when making earrings as many people are sensitive to having non-precious metals in their ears. We stock solid Sterling Silver ear hooks and findings.

Headpins & Eye Pins

Head Pins for Jewellery Making

Headpins are a length of sturdy wire normally between 1.5 and 3.5 inches in length. They have a small stopper at one end which stops beads from falling off when you are making earrings, charms, pendants, drops or bangles.

Eye Pins for Jewellery Making

Eyepins are similar to headpins but instead of a stopper at one end they have a small loop. This will stop beads from falling but can also be attached to other components.

Head pins can have flat 'heads' or ball 'heads', and come in a range of finishes. We also stock solid silver options.

Jump Rings & Split Rings

Jump Rings for Jewellery Making

Jump rings are pretty essential for most jewellery making projects. They are strong round, or oval, little wire rings that can be twisted open and closed with two flat pliers (i.e. chain nose pliers or flat nose pliers).

They are used to attached jewellery making components to each other – for example attaching a clasp to the end of a piece of necklace chain.

You can have open jump rings (which can be opened and closed as described below), or closed jump rings. You can also find Split Rings on our website.

Split Rings for Jewellery Making 

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