Creating a Sliding Square Knot

Creating a Square Knot

Knotting can be used in beads jewellery making purely for function – to hold beads in the correct position – or more decoratively, adding texture and interest to the piece. Experiment with different knots on different stringing materials for a whole host of design possibilities.

A square knot made into a sliding knot, which can be useful if you do not wish to use a clasp, or want the size of what you are making to be adjustable. It works particularly well with leather and thicker cords.

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Step 1:

Take the two cords you wish to slide, and an additional 20-inch length of cord. Hold the centre of the 20-inch cord underneath the two cords that need to slide against each other.


Step 2:

Begin making square knots with the 20-inch cord around the sliding cords, as if they are your core cord. Getting the first knot in place feels quite awkward but once it is in place it then becomes easier.


Step 3:

When you have done around 5 square knots, or have a section of knots measuring around 1 1/4 inches, you can stop and tie off the two ends of the sliding knot. Trim them back and apply a small amount of hypo cement glue on and around the knot to secure in place.


Step 4:

If you are making a sliding knot on a bracelet you will need to open up the bracelet so that it slides over your hand. Once you have it set at the correct size, tie the ends of the bracelet right back to where they meet the sliding knot, trim back and again apply a small amount of hypo cement glue on and around the knot to secure in place. Let the glue dry for a good few hours before you move the cords through the sliding knot.


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