Tying a Double Knot with Jewellery Elastic

Make an Elasticated Bracelet or Necklace with a Double Knot

When making jewellery with elastic it is important that the knot to tie the ends together is made properly, so that it does not come undone when the elastic is stretched. The best way of tying elastic is to use a double overhand knot, and the trick is to pull it really, really tight.

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Step 1:

Once you have added the beads onto the elastic cord for the jewellery design, align the two ends of the elastic and wrap them around your middle and index finger.


Step 2:

Take both ends of elastic up, around, and through the loop you have created, twice.


Step 3:

As you pull the ends of the elastic the loop should slide back towards your beads.


Step 4:

When the loop is up close to the beads, this is when you need to pull the ends really tight so the elastic almost gels together at the knot.


Step 5:

To test the knot, pull your elastic apart in opposite directions. If the knot unravels at all, then it has not been done correctly. If this happens start again, and ensure you pull the ends even more tightly.

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