Jewellery Making Kits

We have a selection of jewellery making kits that we have carefully put together with instructions to allow you to have a go at making some of your own jewellery. It is lots of fun and suitable for all ages! 
Our jewellery making kits make great creative gifts, or can be used at parties or are useful to learn a new technique and to get you started at making jewellery.
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Bead Jars
Bead Jars
From £9.50
£6.50 Jewellery Making Gift Set
KerrieBerrie Jewellery Making Starter Kit
Necklace and Earring Make Your Own Gift Set
Earring Making Gift Set
Silicone (teething) Necklace Jewellery Making Gift Set
1 x Sterling Silver Earring Kit
1 x Gold Plated Earring Kit
1 x Leather Jewellery Kit
1 x Sterling Silver Necklace Kit
1 x Silver Necklace Kit
1 x Gold Necklace Kit
1 x Sterling Silver Bracelet Kit
1 x Silver Bracelet Kit
1 x Gold Bracelet Kit
1 x Elastic Jewellery Kit
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