How to Make a Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

Make your own beaded bracelet using a few simple materials

For one bracelet, you will need the following items:

We also sell a range of bracelet kits which include everything you need to make one bracelet, apart from the beads and the pliers.

Step-by-step instructions for how to make a beaded bracelet:

Step 1:

Thread a 2mm crimp bead onto the end of your 19-strand beading wire and rest it 5cm from the tip of the wire. Feed the beading wire through the base of the lobster clasp and then fold the wire back on itself to form a loop. Continue to thread the beading wire back through the crimp bead and then pull so that the crimp bead tightens 1mm away from the base of the lobster clasp, leaving a small tail of beading wire (see fig.1).

Step 2:

Using the chain nose pliers, flatten, or 'crimp' your crimp bead. This will secure the wire in place. The wire should not be able to move. If you are still able to move the wire, 'crimp' the crimp bead more. Use flush cutters to trim off the excess small length of beading wire next to the crimp bead (see fig.2).

Step 3:

Take the 6mm crimp cover and balance it on your upturned non dominant index finger. Place the flattened crimp bead into the crimp cover. Rotate the beading wire so that the crimp bead rests flat in the base of the crimp cover (see fig.3).

Position your non dominant thumb over the lobster clasp to secure the wire and take the chain nose pliers in your dominant hand. Position the tips of the pliers either side of the crimp cover and apply equal pressure to both sides of the crimp cover so that it gently folds inwards. Stop when you have a small gap running through the centre. Reposition the pliers and apply pressure from the top of the crimp cover. Repeat this technique applying gentle pressure from various angles until the crimp cover is closed (see fig.4).

Step 4:

You are now ready to thread your beads onto the beading wire. If you wish to space your beads to create a 'floating' bracelet, 'crimp' 2mm crimp beads either side of your beads to suspend them on the beading wire. Alternatively, you can simply thread on your beads to create your design (see fig.5).

Step 5:

Once all of your beads have been threaded, take another 2mm crimp bead and thread this onto your wire. Keeping hold of the crimp bead, thread the wire through a jump ring and then fold the beading wire back on itself in the same manner as step 2. Continue to thread the wire through the 2mm crimp bead.

Step 6:

Position your crimp bead and jump ring in the correct place by pulling the wire through and tightening the loop you have just created. Ensure that your beads are not strung too tightly by doing this with the bracelet resting in a natural curve. Once you have positioned the crimp bead, ensuring that you have left enough space to fit the crimp cover, use your chain nose pliers to 'crimp' the crimp bead to secure the bracelet. Trim off the excess beading wire using your flush cutters. Finish your bracelet by covering the flattened crimp bead with a crimp cover, using the same method as before (see fig.6).

Happy Beading, and don't forget to check out our Free Jewellery Making Video Tutorials.

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