Creating a Square Knot

Creating a Square Knot

Knotting can be used in beads jewellery making purely for function – to hold beads in the correct position – or more decoratively, adding texture and interest to the piece. Experiment with different knots on different stringing materials for a whole host of design possibilities.

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Also known as the flat knot, this type pf knot consists of two opposite half knots. It is probably one of the most popular knots used in macrame. As a rough guide, your cord should be four times the length of your finished project.

Step 1:

Attach three lengths of cord to a macrame board with a T-pin, leaving a 6-inch tail. Tie the first half of the square knot by bringing the left cord over the middle ('core' or 'filler') cord, making an 'L' shape.


Step 2:

Bring the right cord over the tail of the left cord, then under the middle cord and up through the loop made by the left cord.


Step 3:

Pull the left and right thread tight around the core to secure.


Step 4:

To make the second half of the square knot starting on the right, bring the right thread over the core, making a 'C' shape.


Step 5:

Bring the left cord over the tail of the right, under the core, and back up through the loop made by the right cord.


Step 6:

Pull the left and right cords tight around the core, pushing the knot up so that is sits snugly underneath the first half knot that you made.


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