Opening and Closing Jump Rings

Opening and Closing Jump Rings and Chain Links

Jump rings need to be opened and closed in a specific way so that the metal isn't weakened and the jump ring retains its shape. The same applies to links on chains where the join isn't soldered together.

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Step 1:

Using chain nose pliers, grip one side of the jump ring, and grip the other side with flat nose pliers, so that the join is between the two tools.

 Opening and Closing Jump Rings and Chain Links

Step 2:

Gently bend your wrists in opposite directions, so that one side of the jump ring moves toward you and the other side away from you, opening the ring slightly.

 Opening and Closing Jump Rings and Chain Links

Step 3:

Release your grip on one of the pairs of pliers, add the required finding to the jump ring, or attach it to the end of your piece of jewellery. Grip with both pliers and reverse the bending action to close the jump ring. If the ends don't quite meet, try making little backward and forward motions with the pliers, whilst applying pressure to push the ring together.

Opening and Closing Jump Rings and Chain Links 

Opening and Closing Chain Links:

The links on some chains are not soldered, which means they can be opened and closed like a jump ring. You can either attach beads or a clasp to the chain in this way. When adding a clasp simply allow it to dangle freely once added to the link while closing the link back up again.

 Opening and Closing Chain Links on a Necklace

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