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Every jewellery maker knows that their pliers are their best friends! So we have curated a selection of jewellery pliers and tools suitable for both beginners and professional makers – and everyone in-between! If you're unsure of which product might be best for your project, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

You can find some information about the different kinds of tools in our useful Jewellery Making Glossary – just scroll down to 'Jewellery Making Tools' at the bottom of the page.

We have used our many years of jewellery making experience to put together a number of free resources to help you on your beading and jewellery making journey. Check out our Video Tutorials, Illustrated Jewellery Technique Tutorials, Glossary and Jewellery Sizing Guide.

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Essential Jewellery Making Accessories and Tools_Bead Mat for Beading
Bead Mat
Kerrie Berrie UK_Essential Jewellery Making Tools
Beadalon Essential Round Nose Pliers
Beadalon Round Nose Jewellery Pliers – Professional Ergo Collection
Beadalon Essential Chain Nose Pliers
Kerrie Berrie Jewellery Making Flush Cutters Nipper Tool
Kerrie Berrie Jewellery Making Flush Cutters Nipper Tool
Beadalon Memory Wire Shears
Kerrie Berrie Beadalon Beading Scissors for Fine Work
Precision Jewellery Tweezers
Collapsable Beading Needle – 12cm w/ 1.5cm eye
Very Fine Pearl Reamer for Enlarging Holes in Pearls when Stringing Pearls and Beading when Jewellery Making
Bead Reamer for Enlarging Holes in Beads when Beading and Jewellery Making
Kumihimo Braiding Disc Round – Instructions Included
Beeswax Thread Conditioner (Ideal for use when beading)
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