Jewellery Sizing Guide

Jewellery Sizing Guide


Ready to make your own jewellery, but unsure about how long to make a necklace, bracelet or anklet? We're here to help with our handy jewellery size guide as compiled by co-founder Kerrie.

Type of Jewellery / Length in CM: 

Collar Necklace / 30-33cm

Choker Necklace / 35.5-40.5cm

Princess Necklace / 43-48cm

Matinee Necklace / 50-61cm

Opera Necklace / 71-89cm

Rope Necklace / 102-144cm

Lariat Necklace / 122+cm

Small Bracelet / 16.5-18cm

Medium Bracelet / 18-20cm

Large / Men's Bracelet / 20-23cm

Small Anklet / 23cm

Medium Anklet / 25.5cm

Large Anklet / 28cm

You might also find out Jewellery Making Glossary useful.

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