Sterling Silver Clam Shell Bead Tips (6pcs)


These sterling silver clam shell cord endings are suitable for use with a range of cords and stringing materials.

These jewellery making clam shell cord endings are made from solid sterling silver and are ideal for use in professional-quality creations. Ideal for both contemporary and traditional jewellery designs and projects.

Simply thread the cord through the hole, knot the end of the cord, trim, glue and then fold over the clam shell tightly.

Crafted from solid sterling silver.

Sterling Silver Bead Tip with Double Loop. This Callotte or Clam Shell is about 3.5mm dia with a closed loop on each side these have an internal diameter of approx 1.4mm. The hole size when the tip is closed is approx 1.0mm.

Quantity: Pack of 6

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