Do you struggle token you loose beads under control?

Or are always losing your jewellery findings?

These neat little stacking pots from Beadalon are perfect for storing a variety of jewellery making findings and beads. The smaller size pots are especially good for organising seed beads, as we all know they can be tricky to store!

The transparent acrylic pots screw together to create a flexible storage stack, and as they are clear, it's easily to find what you're looking for when you're in the middle of making. These handy pots are bead storage at its best!

Choose from three sizes (each size contains a different number of pots in the stack, see below, and one stack 'lid')


SMALL: Each pot has a 42mm diameter and is 19mm high.

There are 6 pots in the stack.

MEDIUM: Each pot has a 51mm diameter and is 25mm high.

There are 5 pots in the stack.

LARGE: Each pot has a 70mm diameter and is 25mm high.

There are 4 pots in the stack.

We also stock a large Beadalon bead storage carry case.

If you need any more Jewellery Making Equipment, we also stock a wide range of Professional Tools. And of course we have hundreds of beads online for you to choose from to fill your organiser!

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