Silver and Blue Druzy Crystal Necklace with Leaf Charm


Inspired by nature, this beautiful silver leaf necklace features a natural druzy (drusy) crystal which has been electroplated in dazzling blue tones to give the stone a magical quality. 

The necklace comes on an 22-inch silver-plated chain and the silver leaves are approximately 25mm in length.

A 'druzy' or 'drusy' is a set of tiny crystals which form on the surface of another stone. Each of these pendants features a different shape and colour combination, with the surface of each offering an alluring iridescent finish. 

Some believe the druzy crystal to help encourage the wearer's personal strength and growth. Druzy can reinforce the spirit and help you find your vision!

The silver-plated chain is hypoallergenic and should not cause irritation.

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