These beads are made from genuine semi-precious Citrine which is a gemstone that is part of the quartz family. These beads come on a 40cm long strand with approximately 74 beads per strand. We have selected these stunning Citrine beads for their golden and orange hues – please note that each strand will vary very slightly as this is a naturally-occurring material.

Those born in November are lucky to have this stunning gemstone as their birthstone. Citrine is the yellow variety of quartz and its warm colour is said to be a gift from the sun. 

Bead Dimensions : Approx. 9-14mm x 8-11mm, hole: 0.8mm

Quantity: Approx. 74pcs / 40cm strand

We stock a huge range of genuine semi-precious beads for jewellery making – View our range of Semi-precious Beads.

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