Lapis Lazuli Aromatherapy Perfume Bottle Necklace with Gold-plated Chain


This beautiful necklace features a solid genuine Lapis Lazuli perfume bottle on a 20-22 inch gold-plated chain. 

Use the pipette (included) to fill the small Lapis Lazuli bottle with your favourite perfume, and then dab onto your skin with the lid of the bottle. 

Also known as ‘The Wisdom Keeper’, Lapis Lazuli is said to hold a high frequency which can support spiritual enlightenment. 

The stunning deep blue colour of the Lapis Lazuli stone is associated with expression and awareness. It’s said that Lapis Lazuli necklaces can help increase your self-confidence thanks to the stone’s close and constant contact with the body throughout the day.

Pendant size approximately: 18mm x 35mm – this may vary very slightly due to the nature of the natural semi-precious stone used.

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