Kumihimo Braiding Disc – 6 inch (Instructions Included)


Use this Kumihimo Braiding Disc to help you achieve Japanese braiding techniques including intricate, multi-strand designs with all types of cord and stringing materials. 

This tool for braid making is from highly respected brand Beadalon, and includes full instructions for use.

There are 32 slots along the edge of the disc for non-slip braiding. The braiding tool is sturdy and holds the threads firmly.

You can use the Kumihimo Braiding Disc with wire to create beautiful braided necklaces and bracelets. Why not use multiple metallic colours to create rich patterns? You can also use the Kumihimo Braiding Disc with leather, silk, nylon or satin cord. Add beads while braiding to create stunning original designs! 

Dimensions: 6 inch diameter, 35mm hole.


- 32 Slots

- Ideal for portable projects, round braids and cords

- Use with a wide range of stringing materials inc. wire, leather, silk, nylon or satin cord

- Includes instructions 

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