7 Strand Bead Stringing Wire: GREEN - .015in / 0.38mm


This professional quality jewellery wire from highly-respected brand Beadalon is ideal for use with a range of beading techniques. It is also known as Tigertail.

Craft unique jewellery for yourself or others with this high-quality 7 strand wire. 

Beadalon 7 Strand is made up of 7 strands of wire incorporated within a protective, abrasion resistant nylon coating. Good for general beading projects, Beadalon 7 Strand is economically priced.


- Soft

- Excellent strength

- Good flexibility & drape

- Good  kink resistance

- Good abrasion resistance

Colour: Green

Thickness: 0.38mm / 0.015in

Length: 9.2m / 30ft spool of wire

Available in a variety of colours and thicknesses – view our range of Beadalon 7, 19 and 49 Strand Wire.

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