49 Strand Bead Stringing Wire: GOLD - .024in / 0.61mm


This professional quality jewellery wire from highly-respected brand Beadalon is ideal for use with a range of beading techniques. 

Craft unique jewellery for yourself or others with this high-quality 49 strand wire in gold. 

Beadalon 49 Strand is Beadalon’s highest quality wire. Consists of 49 smaller wires stranded together and nylon coated for the best flexibility. This is the preferred wire for professional jewellery designers and makers who demand premium strength, softness and flexibility. 


- Softest & most supple

- Superior strength

- Maximum flexibility & drape

- Maximum kink resistance

- Excellent abrasion resistance

Colour: Gold Colour

Thickness: 0.61mm / 0.024in

Length: 3.05m / 10ft spool of wire

Available in four colours – view our range of Beadalon 7, 19 and 49 Strand Wire.

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