Geometric Harmony Bell or Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace with Lava Ball. Gift Set includes Oils.


This gold geometric pendant can be used with a Harmony bell or a lava ball as a diffuser necklace. Allowing you to wear you favourite essential oil throughout the day.

The necklace can be brought on its own or as gift set.

The gift set includes:

1 x Geometric Locket on a 24inch chain.

3 x lava balls

3 x doTerra sample essential oils:
-Grounding Blend - may help to establish a feeling of calmness, peace and relaxation.
-Lavender - to reduce stress, help with anxiety and insomnia
-Invigorating Blend - this uniquely exhilarating blend brings together all of the uplifting and stress-reducing benefits of  citrus essential oils in a sweetly satisfying way.

1 x Velvet drawstring bag to keep your necklace, lava balls & oils safe in while travelling.

The Harmony Bell can be purchased separately in addition to the locket. 



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