Rose Quartz Semi-precious Faceted Beads – 10mm (41 Beads)


These beads are made from genuine semi-precious Rose Quartz and come on a strand of 41 faceted beads. We have selected these stunning Rose Quartz beads for their soft pink hues – please note that each strand will vary very slightly as this is a naturally-occurring material.

Said to be a ‘stone of the heart’, Rose Quartz is traditionally associated with all things love and romance. The pale pink semi-precious stone is also thought to speak directly to the heart chakra and promote feelings of compassion and comfort, and encourage a deep sense of personal fulfillment.

Rose Quartz may have been given as a ‘love token’ as far back as 600 B.C – so why not take inspiration from our ancestors and use Rose Quartz jewellery as a talisman in your modern day relationships?

Bead dimensions: 10mm

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