Purple and Pink Agate Semi-Precious Bracelet (10mm beads)


This colourful bracelet is handmade with genuine Agate beads. The elasticated bracelet is comfortable to wear and features beads crafted from natural semi-precious Agate.

Using Agate make results in eye-catching and alluring jewellery. Many believe that various types of Agate stones are protective – helping to protect the wearer against excessive negativity.

This vibrant bracelet features beads in a variety of purple and pink shades, creating a joyful statement bracelet.

The bead size on these bracelets is 10mm and the beads are faceted.

Please note that due to the nature of using natural materials such as Agate, each bracelet may vary very slightly.

Our Handmade Agate Bracelets are also available in other colours and sizes.

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