Handmade Birthstone Jewellery - Ring


Our birthstone jewellery is handmade from our semi-precious and machine cut crystal beads.

January = Garnet,

February = Amethyst,

March = Aquamarine,

April = Diamond Crystal,

May = Emerald Crystal,

June  = Pearl,

July = Ruby Crystal,

August  = Peridot / Olivine,

September = Sapphire Crystal, 

October = Tourmaline,

November = Citrine,

December = Turquoise,

All the rings are made to order so please just let me know your U.K ring size in the comments section when placing your order. If it is a gift for someone and you are not sure of the exact ring size just let me know whether you would like a small, medium or large size and I will make the ring to my set sizes.

The stones are 6-8mm in size.

The rings are made with sterling silver wire.

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