Blue Quartz Pointed Top-drilled 'Nugget' Beads -Average 15mm x 60mm (Approx 17 Beads)


These beads are made from genuine semi-precious Quartz and come on a strand of approximately 17 beads. We have selected these stunning Quartz beads for their soft and varied blue hues.

Please note that each strand will vary very slightly as this is a naturally-occurring material, and each quartz bead on the strand also varies in size.

The natural quartz beads vary slightly in their organic shapes to give your jewellery a unique look.

Bead dimensions: Average size 15mm x 60mm

Bead quantity: Approx. 17 beads per strand (also available to buy as individual beads)

We stock a wide range of genuine semi-precious beads for jewellery making – View our range of Semi-precious Beads.

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