This amber baby teething necklace makes the perfect gift for a new arrival or baby shower.

It is said that Baltic amber contains a natural analgesic called succinic acid that relieves pain. When a baby wears the necklace , their body heat releases this natural chemical from the gemstone and it is absorbed into the skin which many believe eases their teething pain.

This necklace measures approximately 14 inches in length and features gorgeous nuggets of real Baltic amber in various shades. These smooth pieces of amber have been hand-selected and then hand-strung and knotted to create the necklace. The baby / toddler necklace has then been finished with a covered screw clasp for a secure fit. 

There are three variations:

- Multi Amber Chips: Natural 'chips' of amber in multiple mid-dark shades.

- Oval Dark Amber: features smooth oval nuggets of dark amber (all beads are same colour).

- Assorted Pale Amber: Smooth naturally-shaped irregular nuggets in mostly paler hues of amber.

Amber from the Baltic has a long cultural history, and jewellery has been made using this stunning natural material for over 10,000 years. Amber has been used for centuries for ritual objects and as a fumigant. In addition to its decorative uses, amber has always been associated with healing and mystic properties in folk medicine. Numerous documented archaeological find of ritual objects and amulets emphasise the raw ritual importance of amber throughout the ages.

Safety notice: Amber bracelet are fashion accessories and not toys. Please do not leave your baby unattended while it is wearing the amber bracelet, as please note that a choking hazard is posed by this jewellery.

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