Summer Jewellery Making Workshops

We have some new Summer jewellery making classes here at Kerrieberrie's Brighton Bead Shop.

Take your pick from our new classes: 'Bead and Chain Link Necklace' or 'Wirework Mermaid Crown'. 

We will also be holding our popular 'Beginner's Bead Stringing' and 'Knotting Perfected' and 'Wirework Ring' classes again in case you missed them last time. 

All of the classes are held on a Saturday morning throughout May, June and July.

The cost of the workshops includes all of your materials and you will get to take home the jewellery you have made along with the knowledge of how to make them again.


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Bead and Chain Link Necklace Jewellery Making Class Saturday 25th May -  10am - 11am
Wirework Mermaid Crown Jewellery Making Class Saturday 29th June -  10am - 11am
Wire Work Ring Jewellery Making Class at Kerrieberrie's Brighton Bead Shop
Beginners Bead Stringing Jewellery Making Class Saturday 13th July -  9:45am - 11:45am
Knotting Perfect Jewellery Making Class Saturday 20th July -  9:45am - 11:45am
Private 1 Hour Jewellery Making Class
Jewellery Making Class Gift Voucher
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