We stock a huge range of jewellery making findings.

Clasps, Jump Rings, Headpins, Cord Ends, Brooch Backs and much more.

In a variety of finishes Silver Plated , Gold Plated, Antique Copper, Rose Gold, Bronze and Sterling Silver.

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64 results
4 x 65mm Kilt Pins
10 x 30mm Silver Brooch Base.
10 x 2mm Silver Brooch Base
1 x Silver Sieve Ring Base
10 x Copper Ring Base
10 x Gold Ring Base
10 x Silver Ring Base
100 x Brass Eye Pins
100 x Copper Eye Pins
100 x Gold Eye Pins
100 x Silver Eye Pins
20 x Brass Round Headpins
20 x Black Round Head Pin
50 x Copper Round Head Pin
50 x Gold Round Head Pin
20 x Brass Flat Head Pins
100 x Black Flat Head Pins
100 x Copper Flat Headpins
1 x Sterling Silver Round Head Pin
1 x Sterling Silver Flat Head Pin
4 x Brass Magnetic Ball Clasps
4 x Gun Metal Magnetic Ball Clasps
4 x Copper Magnetic Ball Clasps
4 x Gold Magnetic Ball Clasps
5 x Silver Magnetic Ball Clasps
6 x Copper Magnetic Barrel Clasps
1 x Large S-Clasp
1 x 5 strand Brass Toggle Clasp
1 x 5 strand Gold Toggle Clasp
1 x 5 strand Silver Toggle Clasp
15mm Brass Toggle Clasps - 10pcs
15mm Copper Toggle Clasps - 10pcs
10 x 15mm Gold Toggle Clasps
5 x 15mm Silver Toggle Claps
20 x 9mm Brass Lobster Clasps
20 x Brass 15mm Lobster Clasps

64 results

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